Guest Lecture on Personality Development by Prof. Anil Mehta

The Guest Lecture was organized on 4th September 2013 by the department of accounting and taxation in the A.V. Hall of the IIS University. The speaker for the day was Dr. Anil Mehta, Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Rajasthan. The theme of the guest lecture was Personality Development and the same was attended by under graduate students of the commerce faculty. Dr. Anita Chaturvedi, Additional Head, Dept. of Accounting and Taxation, The IIS University welcomed him by presenting him a bouquet. During the course of 1 hour, Prof. Mehta emphasized that personality development is development of organised pattern of behaviors and attitudes. Also, he said that bringing about a change in our personalities is difficult but with passion and determination, one could change. He further elaborated on the seven dimensions of human personality, which are as follows: · Physical · Emotional · Familial · Professional · Spiritual · Mental · Social According to Dr. Mehta, the factors that shape up our personality are biological factors, environment and various situations that we face while growing up. The students got some tips on how to enhance various aspects of their personality. They were advised to have role models, be positive, seek good in past, present and future, strengthening their morality and ethics. They were also taught to nurture relationships, value friendships and express gratitude. The Dean of the commerce faculty Prof. M. K. Sharma, who also delivered the closing note at the event, also attended the lecture. The lecture was a huge success and the students went back enlightened and inspired with some tips on how to shape their personality.