P.G. Dissertation/Project (Completed)

S.No. Name of Supervisor Name of Co-Supervisor Title Name of Candidate Class, Subject, semester Year  
  Mitali Gupta   A Study of Cashless Economy After Demonetization in India Priyanka M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
  Mitali Gupta   A Study of Management of Finance of Startups in India Mallika Ralli M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
  Dr. Monty Kanodia   SARFAESI Act in relation with NPA and comparison of NPA in Public and Private Sector Banks Shachee Swadha M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
  Dr. Monty Kanodia    Perception of Benefeciaries towards E governance Services Vratika Chauhan   2017-18  
  Dr Ankita Chaturvedi   Total Quality Management in Banking Sector(A Study of HDFC Bank) Shivani M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
  Dr Ankita Chaturvedi   Analysis of Wealth Management: A An Assessment of Investment Decision of Working Women Aayushi Jindal M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
  Dr. Shweta Gupta   Impact of Demonetization on Online Banking Transactions Vipra Jain M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
  Dr. Shweta Gupta   A study of Human Resource Valuation of Selected Companies in India Mudra Jain M.Com. Sem IV 2017-18  
1 Dr. Shweta Gupta   An Empirical Analysis of Long Term Solvency Position and Capital Structure of Hindalco Industries Sanjana Pandey M.Com Sem-IV, ATG 2017  
2 Dr. Shweta Gupta   Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in India Using CAMEL Model  Vinti Mathur M.Com Sem-IV, ATG 2017  
3 Dr Ankita Chaturvedi   Impact of service quality model on customer satisfaction in Banks(A study of Rajasthan) MadhaviSolanki Mcom 2016-17  
4 Dr Ankita Chaturvedi   Impact of CSR on profitability VasundharaRathore Mcom 2016-17  
5 Mitali Gupta   A comparative study on Priority sector lending practices of Public and private Sector Banks Deepanshi Areen Mcom 2016-17  
6 Dr. Mani Bhatia   A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Saving Schemes for Girls in India (With Special Reference to Sukanya Samridhi Yojna and HDFC Children Gift Fund) Varsha Saraswat MCom 2016-17  
  Dr. Monty Kanodia   Profitability Analysis of Selected Life Insurance Companies in IndiaR Radhika Agarwal M.Com(ATG) 2017  
12 Dr. Shweta Gupta   An Analytical Study of Impact of Reading Habits on Household Investments PrabhutiRathore M.Com IV Sem    
13 Dr. ShwetaGupta   Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance of Selected Indian Financial Companies Rajani M.Com IV Sem    
14 Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi   Human Resource Accounting and its effects on Organisational growth (A Study of Hindustan Petroleum ltd. and Oil India Ltd.) Vaishali M.Com IV Sem    
15 Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi   Management of NPA(A Comparative Study of SBI and ICICI ) NehaMaheshwari M.Com IV    
16 Mitali Gupta   A Case Study On Economic Value Added Of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited PriyamKabra M.Com IV Sem    
17 Dr. Mani Bhatia   A Study of Public and Private Sector Saving Schemes for Girls in India VarshaSaraswat M.Com Sem IV    
18 Monty Kanodia   Adequacy of pension Plans in India GarimaMudgal M.Com Sem IV    
19 Monty Kanodia   A Study of Financial Inclusion in India SangeetaChoudhary M.Com Sem IV     
20 R K Tailor   Operational Efficiency of Cycle Industry Swastika Jain M.Com Sem IV     
21 RK tailor   A comparative study of Cost Analysis of SRTU’s in India  ArshmanKaur M.Com Sem IV     
22 Dr. Shweta Gupta   Non Performing Assets of Public and Private Sector Banks in India (With Special Reference to Bank of Baroda and ICICI Bank) Apoorva Agarwal M.Com IV Sem    
23 Dr. Shweta Gupta   A study on Customer Satisfaction Towrds Vodafone Mobile Services Mamta Mandia M.Com IV Sem    
24 Dr. Shweta Gupta   Profitability Analysis: A Comparative Study of Britannia Industries Ltd. and Nestle India Ltd. Priti Agarwal M.Com IV Sem    
25 Dr. Shweta Gupta   A Comparative Analysis of Financial Statements of Maruti Suzuki Ltd. &Tata Motors Ltd. Ruchika Sihag M.Com IV Sem    
26 Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi   Total quality Management of HDFC and ICICI Bank Manisha Naruka M.Com IV Sem    
27  Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi   Long Term Solvency Analysis(A Comparative study of JSW and TATa Steel) Dimple M.Com IV Sem    
28 Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi   The Effectiveness of Internal Control System in Banking Sector: Rajasthan(A Case study of HDFC Bank) Pooja Rathore M.Com (ATG)    
29 Mitali Gupta   A Comparative Study on Working Capital Management of Selected paper Mills (With Reference to Ballarpur Paper Industries and Tamil Nadu News Print and Papers Ltd.) KratikaChouhan M.Com IV Sem    
30 Mitali Gupta   An Analysis of Profitability of Selected Automobile Companies in India Nikita Garg M.Com IV Sem    
31 Dr. Mani Bhatia   Liquidity Management of Indian Cement Companies (With Special Reference to India Cement Ltd. and Releiance Cement Co. Pvt Ltd.) Sudesh M.Com IV Sem    
32 Dr. Mani Bhatia   Financial Analysis of IT Companies (A Comparative Study of Wipro & Infosys) Khushboo Sharma M.Com IV Sem    
33 Monty Kanodia   Analysis of NPA of Selected Banks in India Nisha Chopra M.Com Sem IV    
34 Monty Kanodia   An Analysis of Tax saving Pattern of salaried class individuals TanushreeBhargava M.Com Sem IV    
35 Dr R K Tailor   Financia Stress: A Study of Selected SRTU in India Anushree Kothari M.Com Sem IV    
36 Dr R K Tailor   Traditional Accounting V/s  Modern Accounting: A Study of Unorganised Sector in India PoojaMalhotra M.Com Sem IV